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Infinity Technologies LLC bring you state-of-the-art services revolving around Business Consulting Services and Information Technology. Under Business Consulting, I.T. LLC has a top class analytics department that helps our clients to rebuild or modify their business strategies. Business Intelligence is essential to keep track of the changing needs of the people and real-time information on the strategies that have been employed by the competitors (not to mention an evaluation of the monetary success of the same).

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Experienced adviser

Top notch advisory provided for the required .


Great Ideas

Always open to change specially when something innovative hits our desk.


Worldwide System

A well connected network of Clients and project handlers lead us to a smooth path of deliverance


Security Information

Our network security team looks forward to provide a hassle free network management when it comes to connecting Candidates and Clients worldwide.

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450 Projects
205 advisor
95% satisfaction rate


“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” — Thomas Edison, entrepreneur and inventor

HRM-Victor Credence (Thumbtacks, CA)

"We began our relationship with Infinity in 2015 for Workforce Management at Thumbtacks. Infinity has worked alongside us to develop and implement workforce management approach for new processes across the North American regions and worldwide as well. I particularly appreciate the strong sense of commitment and quick turnaround that Infinity brings to our engagements with them."

Chief Analyst (SDC)-John Fahman (F.S. IT, OH)

“I.T. LLC has demonstrated that they have the capability to design client support infrastructure and deliver services based on client size and support sensitivities in a professional manner. One of the true tests for any service provider is how it manages critical, unforeseen and emergency situations with minimal disruption to client businesses. I.T. LLC has demonstrated time and again, that they are flexible and willing to go that extra mile during such contingencies in the best interest of client's business needs and priorities. They have a good team of people with excellent technical capabilities, who have sincere desire to find solutions and or address problems in a short span of time. 
Most important aspect of their Service delivery is they focus on building long term relationship with the client without compromising on service quality.”

D.R, Interactive Brokers LLC- Dr. Evan L.

“We have never received this amount of candidates from other Organisation who have gone through all the rounds of our screening during Interview Process, Infinity’s Quality team is a gem that reduces our pain as Employers while hiring”

Sr. TAC, New Century Health-Ms. Simkins

“Never expected to save our recruitment cost before we got two of our healthcare practitioners from I.T. LLC”